Trust2Work is a workspace consultancy tool that delivers workplace strategies and processes to help clients maximize their real estate portfolio, align their stakeholders, transform their spaces and create a great experience at work.

We are a trustful partner for corporate clients in defining workspace requirements through data and qualitative research, supporting the implementation of agile and activity based working models and change management programs to improve employees engagement, efficiency and wellbeing.

Our approach

Trust2Work is a tool for leaders and companies, designed by Morphoza, based on a 16 years experience in the interior design industry and turn-key projects. During all these years, we’ve learnt that the success of a space lies on how it makes people feel, how they relate to it and the effect it has on their wellbeing and productivity.

In 2015, we, at Morphoza, decided to turn our focus exclusively on office projects, with the goal to reinvent the process of designing their interiors. With a solid background in designing residential spaces, we decided to continue using our people-centric approach in transforming workplaces into spaces that truly feel like home. And the key words in this process are engagement and change. And the result is remarkable: both in terms of how it looks but, most important, of how it works for the company.

  We put people first.

And then, focus on the space. We use the initial discovery stage as a process in which we engage the teams in designing their future workplace and we use it as an efficient tool for change inside companies. And the results can be remarkable.

Change is as complex as it is inevitable.

But managing change can be tough for leaders and many of them are not ready to get a change project off the ground. However, we do have some very good case studies where we worked with skilled and motivated leaders and, together, delivered organizational transformation through interior design and engagement efforts. They come from various industries: IT, engineering, production plants, services.

“You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” as Einstein once said.

We live in a new reality and we are forced to redesign our workplaces accordingly. Nowadays, our new offices must answer to two important questions: Why we are going to the office and how should the workspace look like? Are we ready to create the best hybrid: flexible workspaces and processes that integrate working from home as a constant?

We believe that, through a people-oriented transformational process, such as Trust2Work, our team, together with your skilled leadership, can turn the challenges of this new reality into opportunities of growth for your company.